Muskegon Railroad Historical Society is looking into planning a RAILFAN EXCURSION for members in July.  We hope this will be one of many to follow.  While each will be different, this particular one will be a 3-day / 2-night event to share rail fellowship and see some exciting trains!

This excursion would be open to all members.  Shared driving arrangements will be worked out when we know how many are interested.  Hotels would likewise be booked by the members individually, or as small groups.  Recommended hotels will be provided by MRHS organizers.

Costs to the members will include hotels, meals and museum entrance fees.  Additionally, gas will be shared with the drivers of transportation as arranged beforehand.

More information will be forthcoming in your next MAINLINE newsletter.  If you are interested in a Railfan Excursion this July, or if you have questions, please contact MRHS either in person, through a board member, or in reply to me at or President Woody at

Andy Busard

MRHS Secretary

Possible Dates:

Friday, July 21 to Sunday July 23

Proposed example itinerary follows:

Galesburg, IL 
RailFan multiple main lines
Late Lunch at The Packing House
Continue to:  
Ft. Madison, IA 
Check into hotel
RailFan along the river
Next morning, drive to:  
St. Louis, MO 
Transportation museum
Late lunch at Fitz Root Beer
Visit Ken Patterson’s (You Tube show host)  
Sunday: Springfield, IL 
Check into hotel
RailFan locally and on the way back home  

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